Both of them got into an ambient safari, and you are seeing an adventure enthusiastic dream! The only problem is there. All the rides! It provides the model on a revised, live-ride pirate ship, while the seven keenly provided two instruments, two Dwarwari Swami, Padar Island three captains and one king. In luxury, an “open-air” bathroom, large wooden sun deck, bank-styling slipping quarter and, of course, food – foreign fruits, freshly caught marine cuisine and aromatic Indonesian staple in Sea are best cooked by chefs. .

District Island set east of Nakayen, Lombok and the Sumbawa Islands, in the first three days in the ocean, there is no other than simple toilets and noticeable scuba diving. The less technically in nature, but unique in beauty, every diary has the opportunity to increase skills in the preparation of upcoming things.