Many people place value in choosing the perfect gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. However, selecting this good-fitting gift is not always easy. The conventional gift-giving practice is to shop for an item that the recipient will like. Instead of following this traditional practice, you can offer your loved ones an adventure to remember.

Whale watching is a particularly interesting experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Although there are many places across the globe, where you can have this experience, going whale watching San Diego is without a doubt the most thrilling adventure.

When to Go

Winter and Spring Gray Whale Watching

The best time to go for gray whale watching is between December and April. Every year, at least 20,000 gray whales migrate to their feeding grounds in Arctic from the Mexico lagoons. It is at these feeding grounds where the females give birth and take care of their calves. Afterward, they set out for the north in the spring season. These marine mammals travel for a total of 10,000 miles- the longest known distance traveled by any animal on an annual basis.

San Diego has at least 60 miles of its coastline directly in the path of the migration, making it the perfect spot to observe this extraordinary spectacle. Typically, the gray whales travel by themselves. However, during the migration period, some are seen traveling together.

Summer and Fall Blue Whale Watching

Blue whales are the largest creatures known to exist on earth. They are the most endangered whale species, and can be found off the Coast of San Diego between the months of June and September. In fact, the biggest group of blue whales around the globe, about 2,000 to 3,000, feed off the California coastal waters in summer. The blue whale that can be up to 100-feet long gives away its location by spouting a column of water, 30-feet in the air, which can be observed miles away. The migratory route of this giant creature has been traced from the Antarctica to California to Costa Rica. The blue whales are mainly attracted by the abundance of krill in San Diego’s coast.

Preparing for the whale watching cruise

If you plan to take your family or friends for a whale-watching excursion, there are a few factors you should keep in mind.

  • Book your tour with a reputable company

For starters, you should book your trip early and with the right travel company. The good thing is that some whale-watching locations have travel firms departing from the same harbor, which makes the competition stiff. Such kind of competition makes for better cruising experience.

  • Don’t forget

You need not forget to carry warm clothing such as hooded sweatshirts, windbreakers, and gloves. If you plan to capture every event of the whale-watching adventure, you should take a camera. Also, pack plenty of batteries and clear memory cards.

  • Consider taking motion sickness medicine

If you are not certain of your physical responses to the sea atmosphere, you should carry some motion sickness medication. Whale-watching excursions often last several hours, and this can be a long time if you are feeling unwell.