Does your family love to go on holiday trips together? Do they look forward to romanticizing over travel brochures to far away places? If your family is like most, they enjoy the trip but hate the planning. When you add kids to the mixture, it can be tricky finding a place where the littlest ones aren’t toddling over some dangerous precipice or the teen isn’t holed up with their phones, texting their friends about their boredom.

But you can find places the whole family can enjoy. They also don’t have to break the bank and, in the end, the whole family may just find a new favorite holiday location. While this list isn’t extensive, it should give you some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Make it Holiday Central

If you can see your family exploring new countries, why not find a great hotel apartment where the whole family can feel at home? These new purpose-built apartment complexes are growing in popularity across Europe. They are better soundproofed, have room for everyone and often have full kitchens and living rooms to help cut down on the cost of eating out and going to the movies when it rains on a vacation day. Norway’s capital, Copenhagen, is one city that has really embraced the concept and with great results.

When your family takes an apartment Copenhagen holiday approach, they can see more than just staying in an ordinary hotel room. You can explore the local farmers markets and try cooking with local ingredients. You can make friends with locals and invite over for drinks, feeling almost like a local yourself. Best of all many of these apartment hotels offer car rentals that allow you to take off as a family and explore the countryside. Remember, Europe is a small continent and many other countries are within a day’s drive of Copenhagen.

North and South Home Bases

You can take this idea one step further and look into breaking up your holiday time into two home bases. With Copenhagen to cover the northern end of Europe, an Italian villa would make a perfect bookend stay in the south. They can be a bit pricey, but we have often shared one with another family. When they have kids around the same age as ours, it makes for a perfect, if sometimes noisy, holiday adventure.

Both of these ideas will allow your family to explore what it feels like to live authentically in a foreign country. It will expand everyone’s horizons and give us all a richer holiday experience. To truly explore and experience a country, you can’t beat feeling like you actually live in it, with hotel apartments or southern styled villas.

So, while they may sound like an expensive way to holiday, and they can be, they are worth the extra time and money spent. Of course, both of these holiday styles require more time. It would be near impossible to get the kind of holiday we are talking about here if you only plan a week in each location. But a month in each, or more, can yield an amazing summer to remember.