After spending months of planning a whole emotional day, doctors order postnuptial rest and recuperation in a luxurious hotel suite. It does not matter, if you desire a wedding night nest in remote location or right at the reception venue below are some tip to book a hotel room or suite.

Time to book

Booking wedding night suite needs to be locked as soon as you have finalized the reception venue. However, if you plan turning in at 3 am then book a simple and inexpensive room because spending money on amenities you will not enjoy means just waste of money.

How to book a wedding night room in Bremont?

Mention that you are booking room for wedding night when you call. Reminder call to the desk clerk before the day you arrive can be rewarded with a free upgrade.

For domaine château Bromont call directly using their toll-free number. The reason is that customer services team for 800 number may not be able to tell you about the rooms with best view or promotional packages.

 If you have been using credit card for all the shopping related to your wedding then it is time to cash in membership points for hotel room upgrade. Call credit card provider, ask about hotel affiliations and get your points redeemed.

If there is a likelihood of you arriving late than the check-in time of the hotel or don’t wish to get tied to a particular time use your credit card as a guarantee for the room.

Ask the following questions while booking

Do you offer ‘romance’ package?

It can spare some stress and enhance your night. It eliminates the indulgence of organizing like fresh flowers, chilled champagne bottle and even take care of airport transportation, if necessary. Complimentary breakfast is waste, if you have to leave early for the airport. Check the champagne quality and meal menu if they are included.

Facilities to consider


After night celebration, relaxing dip is welcoming thought. Ask if they have a room with spa like features like deep bath tub for couples or a Jacuzzi jet bathtub.

Room service

If room service is available then what are their hours. You have been able to squeeze a bite, during the reception between dancing and greeting guests. Late room service will be good but if you are not hungry then reserve breakfast for next morning, in advance [night before].

Checkout time

The next day after your wedding you may be very exhausted, so you will possibly desire to sleep more and then eat brunch before packing. If room is booked for late in the evening, you may negotiate checkout time for maximum 4 pm.