If you’ve thought about taking a walking holiday but you have hesitated because you think that it might be too difficult or not enjoyable enough, it’s time to think again. For some people, it’s natural to be wary of walking long distances while others look at this as the perfect choice for leisure time. If you’re in the first group and aren’t sure, read on to learn more about the multiple benefits of this holiday type and you might be able to dispel some myths about walking tours as well.

As you start gathering information, think about the health benefits. You’ll get the exercise that everyone needs and you’ll feel better at the end of the day than you would if you rode in a car or bus for several hours. Not only will you improve your overall fitness, burning hundreds of calories each hour, but you’ll quickly find that the pace of a walking holiday is a great way to reduce stress. Rather than getting those endorphins working through cardio workout or running, you get your exercise while you’re sightseeing.

No Stress

If you aren’t sure how a walking holiday can benefit you in this way, consider this: A study has been completed that clearly shows that exposing your body and mind to nature as you would on a walking tour reduces anxiety and stress. In addition, you will be helping improve your heart, circulation system, and lungs, walking at your own pace and enjoying the scenery. Consider that you’ll be breathing open air and more oxygen, which you certainly wouldn’t do on an urban holiday.

Aside from the obvious health benefits, you’ll be closer to the landscape, the architecture, and the history of the area through which you’re travelling. People who take these tours comment that they notice and enjoy details they’ve missed when they travelled another way. You can find out more about these and many other reasons for a walking holiday when you visit https://www.walking-europe.co.uk/.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that a walking tour in the UK or Europe is a great idea, consider the places you’ll see and the culture you’ll experience. For example, most European travellers have the beautiful country of Greece on their “must see” list. The magnificent architecture and stunning beauty of the mainland and the islands is enough to draw thousands to this part of the world each year.

On Foot

If there’s a better way to experience Greece, there are many who’ve walked its roads and visited its ancient sites who might argue otherwise. You can get started by talking to a member of the staff about the tours available, which will take you close to the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and to numerous temples almost exuding history from their stones. Be sure to ask about the many self-guided tours available.

You’ll be working with individuals who are walking-tour enthusiasts. They know the areas intimately and bring a lot of experience to creating custom walking tours. You can arrange for a holiday on your own, for you and your spouse or friend, or for larger groups as well. Get all the guidance and information you need to make your walking tour an unmatched experience.